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"Key to Russian"

"Key to Russian" - online course of Russian as a foreign language.
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Discovering Russia

Welcome to our interactive travel around Russia! You will learn about different regions of Russia, visit old and new cities, get to know Russian traditions and listen to Russian traditional music. We hope you will like it!

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Our team

Liliya Victorovna

Teaching in a digital environment is an exciting adventure for me. This is a search for new solutions to eternal pedagogical questions - how to make the lesson interesting and useful, how to teach students something that will change their life for the better in new unusual conditions, in digital and virtual worlds.

Ekaterina Pavlovna

I really love classroom activities. But when the opportunity arose to come up with cool digital things for students and teachers, I did not hesitate for a moment. We live in a digital world, and being part of a digital center is the perfect chance to get to know this virtual world better.

Natalya Sergeevna

Digital technologies are being introduced into all areas of our life including education at cosmic speed. This is a very amazing and interesting process. For me, this is a cognitive, joyful and valuable work experience, I want and will continue to develop in this direction together with my colleagues.

Yury Pavlovich

I love to see new things in everyday life, so I like to invent unusual assignments for students, create tasks in digital space, to learn to communicate with real people in a cold virtual field.

Mikhail Pavlovich

Digital education is a young area that is developing super fast. Being in the team of the center is an opportunity for the implementation of ideas and professional growth. Every day I have to solve unusual and complex problems that I have not encountered before.

Key to Russian

This is a project that laid the foundation for the centre of digital education. “Key to Russian” is an interactive Russian language course for foreign students, which has become an indispensable tool for teaching Russian as a foreign language in a pandemic.

We faced a difficult task: to make the process of learning language not only rich in terms of grammar and vocabulary, but also fun. When creating the course, Moodle and Ariculate Storyline were used, which made it possible to fill it with various and interesting tasks:

• Educational video and audio materials;

• Grammar tables;

• Language exercises of various types;

• Illustrated glossary;

• Oral phonetic exercises with speech recognition;

• Dictations;

• Animated dialogues for listening.

A huge advantage of the course is that the student has the opportunity to repeat the exercises and tests several times. Thus, learners better comprehend the material being studied and can independently track their progress.

Чат-боты для Телеграм

Social networks and instant messengers are an integral part of any person's life.

However, the realities of the modern world force us to expand the scope of their application. Why did we focus on Telegram? There are several reasons:

• it is easy to use

• all kinds of files can be sent

• it can be installed on several devices

• Telegram tools can be integrated into the educational process

• At the moment, the digitalization center has developed 2 chat bots. First one is an information bot that allows students to check their group's class schedule. They do not need to visit the university website every time and look for the schedule, thanks to the chatbot, it is always at hand. Secondly, it is a quiz bot, with which students can playfully test their knowledge about Russia and expand it.